Introduction to my photography

Living in a big city like Athens, having those skyscrapers are as magnificent as overwhelming, putting the architecture beauty aside. Those huge buildings are often occupated by corporates, but even then the diversities never seize to amaze me, with their symmetry and the endless windows. Although it's a colorful city, some sights like this one are better fit in the blackandwhite world!

Walking on the streets of Athens one may find many salesmen like this oldman, trying to sell any goodies he can find to make a living!

Here we meet again, on a sunny day, and the clouds of misery are not yet gone!

No matter how fast you get, the beauty of Nature is found when the track of time is lost...

Feeling the strong heartbeat of a vibrant city, that never rests, and is on the go 24/7!

If you feel alone staring at the sky, recall those funny moments with someone close!

The night has come, and a thick fog has lifted. There's no better time to come close to the ones to you love til the break of day!

There are many times when I long for a walk in the streets of my neighborhood, just to live that nostalgia of the eras all these old houses were built, that still stand in time!

Don't mind the weather, when you start your day with a big wide smile!

When was the last time you made a really good run ?

Somewhere up in the sky there is a magical universe full of dreams! It takes just a bit of time to get lost in its vastness!

Welcome another beautiful day with a wide smile!

I love those moments when you take a break to admire the beauty of Nature around you, and how refreshing it is!

Endless paths of serenity bloom my soul!